8 This all might sound a bit ridiculous, but it is only as ridiculous as the erroneous teaching!

9 Because His body did not possess certain “uniquely female” organs.

18 Cf. Isaiah 50:6, where Isaiah speaks of Jesus’ scourging in the same context as the Roman soldiers plucking His hair off His cheeks, and spitting on His face.

19 We add that there is nothing wrong with thanking God for the stripes of Jesus, or with thanking Him that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed. It is God who said we are healed by Jesus’ stripes, but we should understand what He means.

20 I personally have yet to find one. The idea of 39 groups of sicknesses is not a scientific fact at all!

23 In support of this view is the fact that Jesus was apparently so weakened by His fierce scourging that Simon of Cyrene had to be compelled to carry His cross (weighing 75 to 125 pounds) to Golgotha (a distance of one third of a mile) for Him (Matt. 27:32).

24 From Geikie’s Life of Christ.

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