1 See Chapter Thirteen, for more on “kinsman-redeemers.”

2 Jesus never “emptied” Himself of His divine attributes, but only of the independent exercise of some of them. He never ceased to be God, and so was always in possession of all His pre-incarnate attributes while upon the earth (e.g., John 3:13).

3 It is also an eternal humanity (Heb. 7:15-17). When He took upon Himself flesh it was not just a temporary thing, but Jesus will be God-Man forever.

5 This is why the cults usually deny the true deity of Christ.

6 Notice the context of this verse: it is between Deut. 16:21-22 and Deut. 17:2-3. These surrounding verses speak of God’s hatred for idolatry! This context reveals the seriousness of offering to God that which is anything less than perfect!

7 Some teachers of the spiritual death error do incredibly say that Jesus was born again – after His sufferings in hell were complete!

11 Because these vessels were now “holy,” they could not be used for anything else.

18 These horrific statements are actual quotes from contemporary Christian literature.

21 Please see Chapter Ten for a discussion of the correct scriptural meaning of the phrase “He hath made Him to be sin” in this verse.

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